Succession Planning

35% of Advisors over 50 do not have a successor*

Successional Planning is imperative to any senior advisor thinking about retirement and where they will  leave their life’s work to.

We have seen countless advisors neglect this part of their business and unfortunately, the reality is, life happens. Having a successor in place in your older age is a very smart & strategic business decision to make.  Finding a successor earlier on before your retirement allows  peace of mind that your life’s work and families will be in good hands. If you are an advisor looking to find a successor, we have had a lot of success matching the perfect fit for you. If you are also looking to build your business, we have done searches outside the firm for our senior advisors which have allowed them to bring in outside assets to their team, OSJ, RIA, independent practice etc.

Our expertise flourishes in a scenario where a younger advisor is looking to find a senior advisor. We have the relationships, we know what the senior advisor is looking for in their successor, and then we go out and find the perfect fit. If you are a junior advisor, this is an amazing opportunity for you to team up with a retiring advisor whether their timeline is 1, 3, or 5 years. You will have now embedded yourself to be able to acquire an amazing practice.