Independent Business Owners

Here at Winthrop & Co. we go above and beyond just the high level recruiting and have dug into specific territories, OSJ’s, or RIA’s for our clients to really implant our energy & expertise for our clients at a deeper level.

Leveraging relationships

We continue to build extremely strong relationships with our clients which have blossomed over the years.  We pride ourselves in relationship building with our clients rather than recruiting for them at a high level. The  relationships we carry are key and continue to grow with our clients day in and day out.

In this industry, we’ve seen success in such a short period of time due to our  communication, keeping everyone on top of their tasks and having an open line of communication flow from candidate to you.  We will never let a candidate slip through the cracks.  We will never just throw leads at a client and hope they stick without any input or work on our end.  That is just simply not how we run our business.

Here at Winthrop & Co. we are the youngest company in the industry, and we are not going anywhere. Our founders Robert Noe, Jr (32) and Taylor Robinson (30) made a big splash in a niche industry in a short period of time. They have also built an amazing team of hardworking young professionals as well that have all become experts in the field over the last 5 years. Needless to say, the youngest firm on the block is very good at what they do and are here to stay. If you want longevity in your business partnerships, Winthrop & Co. will be able to deliver, and deliver for years to come.