Plug & Play Options

Recruiting Plug & Play options has been our biggest asset. We’re extraordinary matchmakers after dissecting your business and leveraging our relationships. We talk with our clients and listen to their needs when seeking an advisor to plug into their practice. 

Leveraging relationships

The hard part is then to go out and actually find that “perfect fit” for our partners. The thing is, that is exactly what we are here to do. This benefits the advisors because we vet them, their business, and their needs.  Eventually we land on a match made in heaven. Plug & Play options are an amazing landing spot for breakaway advisors that are coming out of a wirehouse or bank seeking  independence, but do not  have the bandwidth, expertise or entrepreneurial mindset to be on an island alone and start their own independent practice.

Some advisors want a taste of independence, but do not want the burden of starting their own business.  Plug & Play options can give you the backbone of an already established practice who  navigated the independent space for you. They have resources, compliance, legal, tech stacks, admins, office space, transition specials and much more already built out for you that you can plug into.