Not satisfied in your current position?  Have you been struggling to find the next step in your career?

Here at Winthrop & Co. we specialize in providing you with the best possible service and guidance in the industry.  We work with a wide variety of employers and strategically analyze the market for you to find the perfect fit.

If you are a Financial Services or Insurance Professional seeking a change, here is how we can help you:

Understanding Our Candidate:  We will walk you through a thorough process to make sure we have all of your needs, questions, and concerns handled so our team can go out and seek the perfect change for you!

Industry Insight: As we all know, this industry can turn on a dime.  In a market that is continuously changing it is essential to have an extra set of eyes and ears.  We are on top of all industry trends which allows us to navigate your job search effectively.

Exclusive Representation: We will have a dedicated W&C Representative that will work with you from start to finish.  Our goal is to make sure we streamline the hiring process, and get you started with your new job seamlessly.